The painting here is an ACCURATE rather then a ‘historical depiction’ (surviving portrait) of the legendary French Warrior Saint Joan of Arc, nicknamed “The Maid of Orléans” (1412-1431).

Swarthy means black or dark skinned!


  1. Sorry, I felt like joking, because I thought this post was also a joke . If Joan has been said swarthy, it’s because by this time noble ladies were proud to stay very pale, but peasants who had to work outside got tanned and then it was a shame . I guess those who mentioned Joan’s skin were opposed to her mission .

    1. Swarthy means black. It always has. It’s been used to describe many a person who is negroid in origin.
      It matters because all throughout history major heroes and people whom have been lauded as great have been portrayed as white when in fact they have been black. If it didn’t matter they wouldn’t have been whitewashed in the first place! It matters because someone doesn’t want you know the truth. It’s as simple as that.

      1. So you say “I have no idea and I don’t remember where I found it. I’m sorry !” when someone questions the validity of the photo. Just stop this bullshit. We understand that black people had their cultures, their names, etc. Stolen from them by 200 years of slavery, and its awful. To be unsure of your history and have your culture identity taken from you is terrible. But, you are not going to do any good by trying to revise history. You are wrong, the Hebrews were not black, historical figures that you think were black weren’t. None of it is true. If you wanna learn about your heritage, hire a genealogist, read history books, learn. Not make up stupid shit, that has been clearly disproven.

      2. Go away your annoying troll. You hate the fact that black people are the Hebrews and we are the next in line to rule. You hate the fact that all civilisations started with us.
        Noone wants to hear your nonsense anymore. The truth is out there now.
        Go elsewhere to get mad.

      3. My mother is White, my father is not. What does that make my lifetime my actions, behavior has identified me. Am I special because the color of my skin, that I had nothing to do with.
        Is it my character, which I have complete control?

  2. But Joan was from a village in North Eastern France, in the 1400s . By this time there was no European colonies, no African immigration in France, so I can’t see by which miracle Joan could have been black .

      1. Wow I am beyond elated to know that Joan of Arc was a black woman! Remember Joan of Arc story happened in the time of the black death! But wait?! Why was it called the “black death”? That’s because The Most High sent a plague to kill of the ungodly filthy edomites in great masses to torment them! White people came to power when the moors went to Europe in the 7th century, to civilize those caucasoids walking in all fours like a dog! Don’t forget in the dark ages europeans never bathed, they were into coprophilia, they were catholics who loved dogs licking their sores, white people feared the water would cause for them bubonic plagues, this is why they never bathed.

        The europeans decided to re-write history, by using moorish art, and science were they painted themselves as the patriarchs of the bible, to feign to the world that they are the saviors, and present them with the admiration of white supremacy! It’s unfortunate the whole world is buying into the lie, that Joan of Aarc is a caucasian, they are making an adaptation of the original Black swarthy Joan of Arc, only to tarnish her legacy, by falsly presenting to the world a white Joan of Arc through video games, movies, and novels.

    1. blacks were in Europe as far as Scottglen before the Caucasians even left the Caucus mountains to go to France or anywhere else in Europe

      1. Blacks were in Europe in small numbers only as slaves. Muslims have been purging Africa of slaves for 1400 years. You guys are something else.

  3. The painting is accurate -> the woman wields a sword and a shield so big no human can possibly use, and wears a ruff that wouldn’t have existed for another century.

  4. Is there anythng that blacks don’t lyingly claim as their own? As an historian I can tell you that the portrait of Joan is NOT contemporary. For a start the way she is dressed is NOT early 15th century but more 16th century. I have never seen this picture before and moreover it does not depict a black woman.The idea is preposterous. The earlest known drawing of Joan is here

    in the margin of a Register of the Parlement of Paris in 1429 and again here in an illuminated manuscript dated 1450.

    There is also a portrait recently uncovered on the wall of the church in Domremy showing a fair haired blue eyed girl. It is no known how old it is. Let’s have less of the nonsense that Europe was black in the middle ages for which there is not one shred of evidence.

      1. No Europe was never black. Europe was founded by Caucasians who are true Israel. there is no proof anywhere in history that blacks ever ruled. Blacks have never formed any nations, cultures or civilizations. If it wasn’t for white people black people would still be chucking spears. You need to go back and do some research. If blacks were so intelligent and sophisticated, then what happened to them. This website has no evidence. Everything that blacks have today came from white people. Blacks didn’t even have the wheel until whites gave it to them about 170 years ago.

      2. Well maybe that would have been better to leave us chucking spears because it would have caused a hell of a lot less damage to what Caucasians have done with their ‘sophisticated’ technology

  5. Those who belive the lies and deceptions and the brainwashed bullshit they have been forced feed since they were able to learn, cannot accept the fact that the truth still stands no matter what they think or how they feel about it. The white washing of great historical figures who were earth tone has been going on for centuries. Look at this one dominant fact who accused Joan of being a witch?? The Roman Catholic Church. Why because she condemned their ungodly ways. Check this out first head of the Church was dark skinned man named Galacious. And who histed the Councels of Nieca?? And why did they remove the 5 books of Enoch and the other 33 missing books of the bible?? And why did they change the name and image of the messiah from Yashua to Jesus??? J, is a babylonain letter and the name Jesus is actually pronounced He-zuse, meaning son of zuse the roman and greek pagan god of thunder. And the word christ cimes from the word christina or hiw it is acctually spelled kristina….Hari-kristina..Now who is the prince of the air?? And whi is Hari-kristina?? Who is the false image of the messiah?? Cesar Borgia the secind son of Pope Alexander the 6th of rome. A great multitude of lies exist in this world all brought about by those who serve the first to fall. The father of all lies the great deciver of men. Author of all confusion.The serpant who is the DAJJAL the Devil who is Adonis And Amen-Ra who is none other than Lucifer himself.

      1. Well if it wasn’t for white people, black people would be chucking spears. Black people didn’t even have the wheel until white people gave it to them about 170 years ago. Blacks have never created any culture, nation, or civilization. That is an historical fact, and Joan of Arc was not black. She was a French white woman, that is also an historical fact. All nations were formed and created by white people. Blacks are not Hebrews. True Hebrews are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today, and I can prove it. You prove nothing.

    1. You are very on point. I am happy to see an open eye in the thread! Only issue is with the “Lucifer” bit. There is no devil, far as one particular entity. The true and living devil is the Intelligent Ego. Every individual manifests both God And Devil thru ways and actions. This is why religion is so dangerous. Principles can only effect the material plane via some material conduit. We constantly manifest energy from the spiritual plane onto the material plane. Based on the results of its manifestation, we label this energy either good or bad. Im sure you understand. Keep spreading light on your journey friend because the world needs it desperately. There will always be some person manifesting the ignorance of unchecked Ego by claiming you to be in error about everything, but thats the duty of ignorance, to incite one to seek actual facts! The beautiful struggle of the Open-minded! Peace and blessings.

  6. Zzzzzxzzz don’t you get bored of the same old responses ? I’ve been getting the same Ebonics style responses from uncultured white people since the article was produced. No one is interested. Change the record.

  7. No, the painting that you have of Joan of Arc is not historical and accurate. if it was, the painting would be the painting of a white woman. Sorry, you are wrong again. You will find out very soon when you find out that you owe everything that you have from white people.

  8. Great post, great find. I started looking at her life, the symbols, and the role of Virginity in African cultures (held in the highest esteem), contrary to what was happening in Europe which celebrated pagan rites through sexual orgies and fertility rites (absolutely no judgment just a historical truth) (for early European spiritual practices see the Bog people exhibit – it’s quite eye opening. By the account of Herodotus, considered the Father of History wrote extensively about his travels to Africa / Kush / Ethiopia and his records about the people confirm a Godly people. The Negroid races from Ethiopia are the Masterbuilders of Egypt, and their fame was renown.
    “Ethiopians were the first men that ever lived, the only truly autochthonous race and the first to institute the worship of the gods and the rites of sacrifice….that the ancestors of these Ethiopians had long lived in cities and had erected magnificent temples and edifices, that they possessed law and government, and that the fame of their progress in knowledge and the social arts had spread in the earliest ages to a considerable part of the world.”

    “that the ancestors of these Ethiopians had long lived in cities and had erected magnificent temples and edifices, that they possessed law and government, and that the fame of their progress in knowledge and the social arts had spread in the earliest ages to a considerable part of the world.”

    He re
    Many people emerge from high school with the erroneous conclusions, that we see espoused above by certain incredulous sheep. Since the fallacy suits their ego and subconscious agreement to benefit from racism, they never seek evidence to refute what they believe. There’s only the chance of loss to investigate, so the ignorance continues as they suckle of the tits of the beast.

    As a woman of color, with many many shades of ‘Black’ in my family, I am entertained by people who would see some of my family, and mistake them for ‘White’ or Caucasian simply because the associated phenotype of ‘Black’ is narrowly defined by Central Africa and the features of broadness, and tight kinky hair. To support the illusion, much of North Africa including Egypt is considered ‘Caucasian’. Only in this way, can they claim to have given birth to the knowledge that they plagiarized.

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