A Message to the Negropean

Thought Provoking Thinking

“European’s have been very good at masking thier intentions and thier posture towards African people and other non European peoples…”
-Dr. Mariam Ani author of Yurugu: An African Centered Critique on European Cultural Thought & Bahavior

The American Negro still exists in modern times,
And hides his or her face
Under a mask of progress
That has been defined by a European standard of material gain;
Not conciousness or spirituality,
Which are fundamental principals of the Black experience.
When unrecognized,
This phenomena handicaps thinking
And facilitates the cultural and psychological
Extinction of the Black mind.
Nothing is more ass-backwards than a Black person
Who perceives life as a European; Subconsciously,
That person envisions his or her own culture as inferior to that of Europe’s,
Which is foundationally grounded in the achievement of power,
Which is not attainable for Black peoples in European cognition.

One playing this “game”
Must understand

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