NASA use Composite Images to Lie about what Earth looks like

A composite Image is a picture that is made from the combination of multiple images merged into a single surface.

This is NOT what earth looks like.


How do you reconcile your view of the ball earth spinning through space with the fact that in many places in the bible, The most high tells us the earth has foundations, is fixed, immovable, that it has edges, ends and corners, and east is as far from west as it is possible to be?

Tell me how ‘every eye’ will see Yashaya aka Jesus  when He returns in glory? How satan showed Him ALL the kingdoms of the world from a very high mountain if half of the ‘globe’ is unseen? ( copied from a quote).

isaiah knows the difference between a ball (22:18) and a circle (40:22) kjv.


  1. The bible tells us the earth is not a global. The angles will go to the four corners of the earth???

    Ever seen a global with 4 corners?

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